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Old Rants
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Project Complete

The major project I've been working on for the past few weeks is complete.
The main product of the project is a new video in the video section.
In addition, some art from the video was posted in the CG art section and the art is also available as a wallpaper.
In addition, the music from the video is available in the MP3 section or it can be downloaded here.
Finally, there's some other new art and a matching wallpaper.
Be advised that the video is 13 MB so it may take a while to download.
Have fun.

Something Big

I'm cooking up stuff for the next comic, but there's a huge 2214-related project that I'm working on right now. I can't tell you what it is yet, but it should be done in a couple of weeks if everything goes according to plan.
Stay Tuned.

Important Announcement

After some long thought and another extended hiatus, I decided to re-create 2214 from the ground up.
The old version will remain on the site under Classic 2214 but will not be updated. Instead, the new comic will start from page one.
I have changed the concept for the comic quite a bit, so the new comic will not follow the exact same storyline as the old comic. There will be some new characters and situations, as well as some changes to the setting.
I'm doing this because the old comic had too many flaws in the past; I lost motivation and the story was hard to follow.
After gaining the experience from working on the comic over the past three years, I've decided that a fresh start is in order so that the comic can become what it was really intended to be.

New Song

There's a new song in the mp3 section. It's short but fits its purpose. Check it out.


Sorry about the comic having no updates. I uploaded some new art to the 3D art section and a new wallpaper to match. Also, some of the art in the characters section has been updated to reflect the upgraded style.

Right now, I'm in the process of getting a new job and finishing my term paper for online uni. The paper is about open-source web servers vs. commercial software web servers. Fun stuff if you're in the web site business.

So, yeah, I've been busy. The RP / forums are kinda dead right now too, apparently... oh well. I'll keep you posted as to when I'm going to pick back up on the comic again. 2214 has yet to completely revive, although the script has been revised and extended recently.

Stay tuned. The RSS feed is a great way to watch for site updates.

Learning Stuff

I'm currently studying for my amateur radio technician class license. For those of you who do not know, amateur radio is a hobby as well as an important part of the radio infrastructure of the world. Basically, it involves receiving and transmitting on certain "ham" bands. To transmit on amateur radio frequencies, a license is required. Right now, I'm brushing up on the FCC regulations, electronics theory, and morse code.

The reason I am doing this is because I had attempted to obtain my license back in 1992 but never took the test.

Using amateur radio (it's also known as "ham radio") may at first seem outdated since the internet has become such a mainstream form of communication. Forums, chat, e-mail, and web sites make it easy to communicate and obtain information, but radio provides a form of communication that is real-time, simpler, more direct, and just plain lets you experience the electronic communication medium more directly. Internet chat rooms, even those with voice chat, don't provide a direct, truly real-time method of communication with others.

Wi-fi, cell phones, and radio-controlled clocks have all evolved out of ham radio technologies such as packet radio. In a way, this hobby encourages people to understand how and why all of our modern electronic gadgets work they way they do.

Anyway, I hope to obtain my license within the next month or two. If you're interested or want to know more about ham radio, check out this site .

In other news, I've also been studying more drawing techniques and of course doing lots of uni coursework.

The comic should be updated some time within the week.

New Art

No comic just yet, but some new art is here .

You can also download the new art as a desktop wallpaper here.

Next Page

I'm a little behind schedule right now, but I have the page scripted and have started drawing the storyboards.

Old Rants
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