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New Album

The new album, "The Pleiades-47 Sessions" is complete! Order a copy from the MP3 Site. There are 13 total tracks on this CD, and is recommended to fans of electronic music and RPG's.'2214' was delayed considerably by the production of the new album. After the first of the year, it is intended that this online comic will resume. However, the format will be adjusted and there is some consideration towards re-drawing the first page to match the new format. It may only be in black and white, or color. Feedback is important and will have much effect in determining the direction of this.Also, as the comic progresses, scenes from the series and new characters will be introduced to the Anime and Raytraced sections.
Furthermore, the video section will soon have more content, perhaps some actual animation clips of 2214.

2214 Continues!

Another page has been posted to the '2214 saga'. Enjoy! Expect weekly installments.

New Video

Look in the video section. Hope you like oatmeal.

Old Rants
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2214 VN Scene 16 - Ready!
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