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Finally working on it again

Hi all! Page 124 should be up sometime mid-week... I finally got back to sketching the storyboard and should have something good ready this week. Sorry about all the delays; the holiday season plus an emergency project I started on kind of got in the way of web comic stuff.

Another delay

Sorry, everyone, but I'm not going to have the next page done this weekend (Dec. 1 - 2). Lots of unexpected things came up.

When to expect the next update

I've been keeping a schedule of every two weeks; I wanted to do every week but right now I only plan on every two weeks, or twice a month. After the holidays are over, I'll try for every week again. If there's time, well, you know, more often.

Expect page 124 sometime this week, or, at the latest, next weekend (December 1 or 2). The storyboard is done but I'm making some decisions on the artwork right now.

Back to drawing

I'm working on page 123 today. If it all goes well and I don't get interrupted, it should be done tonight.

My purging old stuff project seems to be complete except for the several items I'm still trying to sell / donate / whatever. It's nice to have all the additional free space, lack of clutter, and less to keep track of.

There are a couple interesting web sites that I checked out during the process that provided some really useful ideas:


I'ma go have some coffee now.

Gonna be late again

Howdy doo, folks.

Sorry to say this, but page 123's gonna be late. I've been up to my ears in cleaning / preparation for moving this past week and all weekend so far. Still purging old items and donating / selling stuff.

Page 123 should be up later this week; probably this weekend.

Thanks for your patience!

Page 122: Better Late Than Never...

...or at least that's what they say. Works for me, at least.

( EDIT: My piece of crap rant updater tool nuked this rant, so I had to re-type it. Grrr.. )

Page 122 is finally up; the reason for the delay is partially due to the fact that I've re-started my "simplify" campaign. Basically, it has been said that one of the keys to getting more organized and simplifying one's life is to reduce the number of material possessions a person has.

The general rule, at least for me, has been to throw out / donate / give away anything that I have not used at all in the past two years. While I didn't go overboard and throw out everything, I was able to significantly reduce clutter and freed up some storage space so far this weekend.

I tend to be a minimalist most of the time, except for short bouts of gadget buying and / or computer upgrades.

The avatar up there is already obsolete yet again; I became tired of my mustache and beard and ended up shaving my face clean again. I'm not sure how people deal with having mustaches; they just get food and drink on them. Apparently that's not a problem for the battleship captain over there on page 122 :P

Some of you may have noticed that I re-used some artwork from previous pages on page 122. Given the fact that I used up a bit too much time while cleaning this weekend. Oh well. It happens.

Last of all, the RP in the forums has started up again.

Update on page 122

It's coming along, but the second panel is super-detailed and took a whole day to create.
Page 122 is still in progress; stay tuned.

Updating again

Page 120 is up! After posting, I went back and corrected a few errors in the artwork. It happens.

I've gone back to using pencil and paper for the sketching part of the comic process; it's a lot easier to sketch on paper - more control - but inking and coloring are always better with the Wacom tablet in Photoshop. A good way to put it is this: Traditional pencil and paper provide more accuracy, while a digital tablet provides more precision (and virtually endless resolution, unlike grainy paper).

My technique has become somewhat rusty, since this is the first thing I've drawn in eight months. Oh well. Time to start back up again.

Old Rants
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