It's Punkin' Times!

It's the middle of October and you know what that means: Punkin' Times!

Punkin' Times is great because you get to carve a face in a punkin' and put a candle in it as a decoration. Halloween is fun. Although, thanks to the Coronas, there probably won't be much trick-or-treating kids coming to your door in pursuit of tooth-rotting goodness, it's still fun to celebrate the punkin' times with some spoopy stories and home-made Halloween cookies. (DID SOMEBODY SAY COOKIES?!!)

The 2214 VN is still going on. There is a new promotional trailer for the VN and I hope more and more people will discover it.

These days, it's really difficult to promote one's work online. Social media is difficult to use effectively (I'm not sure if it's algorithmic or just how people discover new content) and I must admit having some trouble building a larger audience. If you enjoy 2214 (or anything else on this site, my music, or YouTube channel), I would greatly appreciate any help in sharing links or spreading the word. Every little bit helps. Any time someone enjoys something I make, it's a real thrill and it motivates me to work harder to produce more.

As the weather gets colder and we start sipping our punkin' spice lattes (I have no shame in admitting enjoying them), we'll all probably spend more time indoors and online - especially with the possibility of further quarantines and lockdowns. Let's try to make it as pleasant as possible!

2214 VN Scene 16 - Ready!
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