New upcoming music album, business marketing, and how you can help support!

It's been a little while since the last news update on this site.

Quite a lot has been going on. I, uh, wrecked my car but it's going to be repaired. No one was hurt. A couple of new music tracks have been posted so far this year and I am about to start on a brand-new music project called "Eclico Nocrof". It will be an album available on Bandcamp once it's done. I anticipate it taking a few months once I get started.

I've also put together some ideas for writing a book although I don't have details to share just yet.

Continuing to do freelance work, I've started a few new things that I hope might lead to something good. I'm starting to offer various services on Fiverr and Upwork in addition to marketing my main freelance web development business. To enhance my portfolio, there's also a GitHub where some of my pet projects are available.

It's hard to believe that the summer is almost over. Soon, it'll be punkin' times!

Even though I've been pouring much of my time into getting new business this year, the 2214 Visual Novel and Obfuscated Trace Echo have not been abandoned. The next scene for the 2214 VN has been scripted for quite a while and I just need to get some backgrounds, crowd assets, and a couple of new characters made. As I have quite a few irons in the fire at the moment, I cannot give an exact time frame on the next scene of the 2214 VN but please watch the status updates for more about that.

For most drawing sessions, I try to stream on YouTube. It's kind of fun and it provides some more content for the channel.

Last of all, if anyone feels like supporting my creative work a bit, I do have a Patreon and also accept contributions through PayPal if anyone wants to buy me a cup of coffee or something. I'll keep going regardless of donations and try to keep the e-begging to an absolute minimum. There's also a store with some fun 2214-related goodies, by the way. Okay; enough fundraising from me.

Honestly, the best thing anyone can do to help me is to spread the word about 2214 and this site.

That's all for now; as always, stay tuna'd!

2214 VN Scene 16 - Ready!
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