Update Plans

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back to getting a plan together for web comic updates.

Obfuscated Trace Echo will be updated until the end of the first chapter. After that, 2214: Shadow Epiphanies will be updated until its first chapter ends.

The general idea, going forward, is to alternate between the two web comic series for one chapter at a time. In other words, when one chapter is completed for one of the comics, the other will be updated for a chapter.

Regarding Proper Barn, that's just a matter of inspiration and silly ideas. It won't receive too many updates but it's not discontinued.

Lately, I've been getting back to doing practice drawings and generally getting back into the swing of things. There are a few minor adjustments to make to this site in general (minor bugs, etc.) but I intend to focusing on getting some more content updates. The frequency of updates will be relatively low since I am still working on paid projects but I intend to find the time to update around here.

Regarding music, let's hope for some inspiration there as well.

2214 VN Scene 16 - Ready!
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