Frequently asked questions

Q: What's the deal with the choccy fish?
A: We had a frequent user in the forums that disappeared one day. One of the other users offered a choccy fish (something apparently of New Zealand fame) for her safe return. Eventually, the person returned on her own so we rewarded HER with a virtual choccy fish. At some point, it became a site mascot.

Q: Who runs this site?
A: Troy 'Nitrocosm' McQuinn, a freelance multimedia artist / PHP programmer.

Q: What does this site run on?
A: PHP, with a custom, from scratch, content management system made specifically for It was and still is developed by Troy McQuinn.

Q: In 2214, where do Ravenna, Bus, and Azurat live in chapter one?
A: They live in the U.S., in a fictional city named "Saulsburg" near Portland, Oregon. It's a city with a busy space port in the story.

Q: How old is the site / comic?
A: The origins of the site began in 2002; 2214 began in February 2003, and was set up in late 2004.

Q: Who writes / draws / directs / etc. the comic?
A: Troy McQuinn does all of the work.

Q: In 2214, are Ravenna and Virulyde supposed to be albino?
A: No, albinos don't typically have red eyes. These characters are not albino but rather carry a rare set of genes, unrelated to albinism.

Q: What's the connection between Gesh and Virulyde?
A: I used to answer this question, but it's a spoiler if I do. Read the comic and find out.

Q: What's the deal with Bus's slang?
A: He does it to be funny, but also to cover up his 'geekiness'.

Q: When is the site updated?
A: There is no regular update schedule. Sometimes, updates are frequent; sometimes updates are rare. The RSS feed can help you keep up with the site.

Q: Will you do commissioned work?
A: Yes, as time allows.

Q: In 2214, why does Virulyde drink orange juice?
A: Orange juice is acidic; therefore it works well as one of the components for his internal battery.

Q: Can I work on the comic / have my stuff featured on the site / contribute articles / be part of the site?
A: Sorry, I'd prefer to keep it a one-person act, at least for now.

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