Privacy policy has a very strict privacy policy.

The server on which this web site is hosted logs IP, browser, and OS information in the http logs. This information is not used by for any purpose other than security, and only in the event that a hacking attempt is made.

By contacting me via e-mail, be certain that I will not share your e-mail address or other information with anyone, ever. The e-mail form provides some information about you, such as what browser you're using and your IP address. This is for the sole purpose of helping me diagnose site issues. No one else ever sees this information from your e-mail.

You will never receive spam e-mails from me. Your e-mail address, should you contact me, will be kept private.

If you register in the forums, you will receive one confirmation e-mail after registering. This is to notify you of your password. uses cookies in the forums for the sole purpose of keeping users logged in during sessions. They are not used internally to track site usage. Be aware that any advertising cookies from third parties may implement tracking. may show ads. If ads are implemented on the site, they will use a cookie from third-party vendors to display ads relevant to your use of the site, including prior visits. This cookie is also potentially used across other sites. You are able to opt out of interest-based ads by visiting If you use an ad blocker, please consider disabling it on Although showing ads helps support this site, it is important that you understand how these third-party cookies work.

If you think you have received spam e-mails from, please contact me at once.

I respect your privacy.

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