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2214 VN Scene 16 - Ready!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2022 04:30 am
I'm still here and still doing stuff. Will resume work on the 2214 VN soon.

Although the 2214 Visual Novel is still in progress, I've decided to start up a brand new 2214-related project!

I'm pleased to announce a new web comic series: "2214: The Ambitions of a Future Time Traveler". This new web comic will feature the childhoods of Azurat and Gaia Disphumis as well as the world events that will lead up to the year 2214.

This web comic will be in a manga format, which means it will be in black and white (mostly) with the intent of producing copies (and possible exclusive chapters) for print. It's a brand-new project so I haven't finalized all of the details, but some early sketches are in the works.

The tone of this new series will be a bit different than the main 2214 storyline. I hope it's a fun and refreshing change that sheds more light on the world depicted in 2214.

Stay tuned!

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