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Old Rants
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Cross-browser compatibility

Thanks to user input, it was brought to my attention that this site was experiencing serious errors in Netscape 4.7x. Although browsers supported are 4.5 and above, some versions were still not working. However, modifications were made to the CSS and other layout elements to improve consistency of design among different browsers. This site has been tested in: IE 5.0 IE 6.0 Netscape 4.75 Netscape 6.0Opera 6.05If you find any problems, please notify me immediately.

Site upgrades

The site was updated with many new features. . . You may 'vote' for any Anime, 3D, MIDI, and Video items, providing specific feedback for future projects. Just click on the 'vote' icon next to the item and that's it!

You also have the option of viewing Anime and 3D items in a separate window, in addition to viewing it in the same window. To do that, click the window icon.

Lastly, you have the ability to specify your connection speed in the Video section, automatically providing file sizes appropriate for your bandwidth.

Hovercrane animation!

Check it out - the "rotating Hovercrane" animation is complete! It took 4 days, 4 hours, 20 minutes, and 4 seconds to render.Check it out here.

Radio-controlled clocks

Odd! The WWVB-controlled clock (receives time sync signal at 60kHz from NIST station WWVB) suddenly began registering the sync signal; it never caught on to the station's signal before. I bought it around 4 or 5 months ago and it had not synchronized at all - not even briefly - until last night. Tonight, it caught the signal long enough (and clearly enough) to synchronize. Strange.

Foward and back buttons

Looking through the Anime and 3D Raytraced galleries just got easier. The forward and back buttons have been restored; they were modified to work with the PHP upgrade.

2214 Comics continue Saturday

The 2214 comics will continue Saturday. Unfortunately, the computer with the scanner is the same machine that is tied up rendering an animation of the newly designed Hovercrane. When this lengthy process ends, a new page in the saga will appear.

New 3D

Look in the 3D Raytraced section; 5 new images featuring the Hovercrane have been posted. This flying car took 6 hours to model, and some of the images took over a full day to render.

Site Format Update

Now that PHP is supported on this server, the content is served dynamically. The anime, 3d, video, and midi galleries all can be sorted in various ways by clicking on the column headers. Additionally, this allows for more efficient site content updates.

Old Rants
Page 36 of 37

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