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Conclusion - A Final Gift
It's been a long ride.

2214 Started in February 2003. Through many starts and stops over this past decade, Ravenna, Bus, Saja, Malachi, Virulyde, Azurat, and the rest of the cast has experienced quite an adventure.

Many loose ends are left open - intentionally.

I hope you have enjoyed 2214. I have brought the story to a conclusion at this point. The comic will remain here indefinitely in the archives.

Ravenna, Bus, and Azurat have unexpectedly received a final gift from the Fumacite trio. Aboard their vessel, the Hovercrane, the Zetsfir tower has suddenly been activated in order to send them back to their own time on the planet Earth.

Although this web comic has ended, if there is enough interest I will continue this story in another web comic in the future.


OTE Page 6 - Inking.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 12:26 am:
OTE Page 6 in progress.


I am once again drawing comics but have not yet decided whether or not I am going to resume a normal update schedule. This rant initially announced that I had planned to stop doing comics for good but I've recently become motivated to do a little work on them again.


It has been a while since I've updated this site.

Despite my previously ambitious intentions, I've decided to go on extended hiatus from doing web comics on a regular basis (see the update above). Continuing 2214 and OTE seemed like a good idea earlier this year but after things had calmed down a bit with my freelance work, I discovered - and finally accepted - that I simply didn't have the inspiration, drive, or energy to do web comics on a regular schedule right now.

Yes; I know it's really dumb to hype things up only to lose interest. It just ended up this way.

I had considered rebuilding the forums software for this site as well but since the old forums were inactive for years, I decided this too was not worth the time or effort.

Part of the reason I lost interest was the lack of feedback. Zero e-mails or other feedback have been received in regard to this site and its content during the past several years. I've monitored the site statistics from time to time and a steady decline in traffic has become evident. Of course, I'd make web comics even if no one would read them but there is no reason to do so if I'm not even interested.

This site is going to stick around. It was just moved to a new server and some optimizations were made. I still plan on creating new art and music. There will be updates. The web comics, however, have concluded for a while (again see the update above - this isn't permanent).