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Conclusion - A Final Gift
It's been a long ride.

2214 Started in February 2003. Through many starts and stops over this past decade, Ravenna, Bus, Saja, Malachi, Virulyde, Azurat, and the rest of the cast has experienced quite an adventure.

Many loose ends are left open - intentionally.

I hope you have enjoyed 2214. I have brought the story to a conclusion at this point. The comic will remain here indefinitely in the archives.

Ravenna, Bus, and Azurat have unexpectedly received a final gift from the Fumacite trio. Aboard their vessel, the Hovercrane, the Zetsfir tower has suddenly been activated in order to send them back to their own time on the planet Earth.

Although this web comic has ended, if there is enough interest I will continue this story in another web comic in the future.


2214 S.E. Page 5 - Done!
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Friday, December 09, 2016 05:31 pm:
The next page of 2214 is in the works.

I'm working on 2214 and O.T.E. once again!

Proper Barn remains on hiatus (I have no funny ideas at the moment) and the web comic "Omnitemporalis" has been cancelled.

I've decided to simplify the plans for the comics in order to give the new 2214 series and O.T.E. more focus.

Omnitemporalis was cancelled due to a lack of a long-term script. It was initially launched in late 2003 but only four pages had been completed.

Although I cannot yet promise a consistent update schedule, I plan on spending the weekends working on the comics. For now, I am done with music projects (at least for this year) and will focus more on art-related tasks when I can.

I will try to devote more of my evenings and weekends to creating content whenever possible.

Once this new situation is settled, I'll have more updates about future site content.

During the day, I am a freelance web developer. If you need a custom web site, content management, or any PHP web development, please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Although it would be nice to make a living doing web comics and composing music, PHP web development is my primary line of work and I enjoy it just as much.