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Conclusion - A Final Gift
It's been a long ride.

2214 Started in February 2003. Through many starts and stops over this past decade, Ravenna, Bus, Saja, Malachi, Virulyde, Azurat, and the rest of the cast has experienced quite an adventure.

Many loose ends are left open - intentionally.

I hope you have enjoyed 2214. I have brought the story to a conclusion at this point. The comic will remain here indefinitely in the archives.

Ravenna, Bus, and Azurat have unexpectedly received a final gift from the Fumacite trio. Aboard their vessel, the Hovercrane, the Zetsfir tower has suddenly been activated in order to send them back to their own time on the planet Earth.

Although this web comic has ended, if there is enough interest I will continue this story in another web comic in the future.


OTE Page 6 - Inking.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 12:26 am:
OTE Page 6 in progress.

Obfuscated Trace Echo was put on hold due to a case of writers' block and during this time I have ironed out some of the uncertainties in the story. It will continue soon.

If you have not heard yet, The 2214 Saga will continue its story (eventually) in an all-new web comic series: 2214 Shadow Epiphanies. I don't want to spoil it (what little I have written so far) but it picks up where the original series suddenly and inexplicably left off. The story left a lot of things (everything, actually) completely unresolved and the new series will dive deeper into the mysteries surrounding Ravenna's bloodline and how they suddenly returned to Earth in their own time era.

Something else that I ever so famously procrastinated was finishing the stylesheets for this site. As of today, the mobile and tablet stylesheets have been finished and this site is once again mobile friendly. I don't have an iPad or iPhone so the mobile styles have been tested on Android only. If you find any problems, please e-mail me and let me know. Feedback is appreciated.

Look forward to the new 2214 series and more Obfuscated Trace Echo!