Conclusion - A Final Gift
It's been a long ride.

2214 Started in February 2003. Through many starts and stops over this past decade, Ravenna, Bus, Saja, Malachi, Virulyde, Azurat, and the rest of the cast has experienced quite an adventure.

Many loose ends are left open - intentionally.

I hope you have enjoyed 2214. I have brought the story to a conclusion at this point. The comic will remain here indefinitely in the archives.

Ravenna, Bus, and Azurat have unexpectedly received a final gift from the Fumacite trio. Aboard their vessel, the Hovercrane, the Zetsfir tower has suddenly been activated in order to send them back to their own time on the planet Earth.

Although this web comic has ended, if there is enough interest I will continue this story in another web comic in the future.


2214 S.E. Page 2 - Done!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016 09:49 am:
Several new songs have been posted. This summer has been productive in terms of music production.

This summer has been full of music projects but rather devoid of art and web comic updates.

I recently purchased the Roland Sound Canvas VA, which is the software synth equivalent of my trusty old rack mount SC-880. Since I had switched over to using software synths, a lot of the sounds I commonly used on the Sound Canvas hardware were missing from my newer stuff. Now my collection of software synths truly feels complete since I no longer lack any of the instrument and percussion sounds I used on the hardware synths.

Enough MIDI geek stuff, though. To be honest, I'll probably get back to drawing but as far as the music stuff goes, I prefer to strike while the iron is hot. It's likely that at least a few more new tracks will appear on this site before the end of the summer.

I know I've been a bit lazy with the site news updates (the last one was from January). The forums are quiet again, which was expected after the huge surge of activity earlier this year after their initial re-launch.

Aside from music and the normal web development work, I have not been up to much besides watching a few anime series here and there. Really, though, I just can't get enough of playing around with the cool sounds on vintage software synths. Sound Canvas VA, SampleTank, and Proteus VX have become my go-to synths for general sounds.